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Our Mission

Welcome to the Spiritglow world.

We are dedicated to offering high-quality collections of art prints and other creatives that are designed to inspire, motivate, and help you feel good.

We believe that art possesses the divine ability to elevate and transmute. We also share the idea that any piece of creation, whether it is a poster in your living room or the journal in which you express yourself every morning, has to inspire and resonate deeply within yourself. Being aware of what surrounds us starts with creating enveloping spaces at home where every detail and object should evoke positive emotions.

We are devoted to helping you cultivate a more joyful and fulfilling life and that’s why we put our utmost passion and love into every piece we create.

A little wild in the soul

The wilderness of the divine feminine is an untamed realm that encapsulates the profound essence of femininity in its rawest and most powerful form. It is a sacred sanctuary where intuition, strength, and compassion intertwine, nurturing the connection to ancient wisdom and deep-rooted instincts.

The wild feminine roams freely, embracing the inherent beauty, grace, and resilience.

We invite you to discover The wild woman collection which features fifteen different designs dedicated to the feminine spirit.

Spiritual poster, digital art, watercolor painting, frame yourself, digital download
The Mandala gallery

The circular shape of a mandala symbolizes the universe and the interconnectedness of all things. Mandalas help to promote relaxation and enhance spiritual awareness. Hang one of the fifteen sets of two prints into your home to enhance creativity and self-expression

Spiritual poster, digital art, watercolor painting, frame yourself, digital download


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Allow your voice to be heard and your extraordinary talents to shine. What a courageous act that fosters personal growth it is to show up to the world as being your true self. Be bold, be extra, show your true colors to the world!


Harmonia collection features nine pieces designed with neutral tones to instill a sense of calm and harmony into your space.


Step into a world where the wonders of Earth are magnificently captured and celebrated.

A selection of fifteen of the most exquisite stones and crystals invites you to pause, admire, and be reminded of the remarkable beauty that lies in the heart of nature.

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